• Land Transport

    Inland Transportation

    Our Land Transport Division can provide door delivery of containers using our trucking system. We offer all modes of transportation of small personal effect shipment to an over-sized cargo.
  • Sea Freight

    Sea Freight

    We have special contracts for a good volumes over 40 TEUS. Through our network of overseas partners, the service covers around the world and will take cargo from source to final destination anywhere in the globe.
  • Air Freight

    Air Freight

    We offer an extensive global network combined with a selected network qualified agents, best-in-class air carriers and quality sub-contractors.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission, each and every day, is to produce fine quality transport and provision services at cost-efficient costs, enabling us to deliver consistent worth and responsibleness to any or all our customers, massive and tiny.



To operate consol agent permission granted by indian customs.

Approved customs House Agent/ Broker by Indian Customs

Member of BACCHAL (Custom house agent Association)

Member of GFP, UK

Our Services Include

  1. 1
    International Freight Forwarding ( Air & Sea)
    We are an agent for the exporter in moving cargo to an overseas destination. We are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries.
  2. 2
    Customs Clearance & Brokerage
    Clearing of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters
  3. 3
    Consolidation & De-consolidation
    Strategically located cross-dock facilities - Inbound vendor routing guides and instructions
  4. 4
    Transshipment Cargo Handling
    Experienced personnel to Transshipment cargo handling

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